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Company Officers

Michael J. Borowiak, P.L.S., mborowiak [at] nussclarke.com

Chief Executive Officer
Michael T. Marino, P.E., mmarino [at] nussclarke.com

Vice President, Engineering
Gary Muffoletto, P.E., gmuffoletto [at] nussclarke.com

Vice President, Land Surveying
Andrew Gow, P.L.S., agow [at] nussclarke.com

Secretary, Treasurer
Jolene Jeffe, jjeffe [at] nussclarke.com

Department Contacts

Gary Muffoletto, P.E., gmuffoletto [at] nussclarke.com

Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing Engineering
Gary Muffoletto, P.E. gmuffoletto [at] nussclarke.com

Electrical Power Systems
Michael T. Marino, P.E., marino [at] nussclarke.com

Construction Services
Darrell Jamieson, NICET II, djamieson [at] nussclarke.com

Land Surveying
Michael J. Ennis, P.L.S., mennis [at] nussclarke.com

Land Development, Environmental, GIS
Robert Pidanick, rpidanick [at] nussclarke.com

All of our departments can be reached by calling our main office at (716) 827-8000.

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