Aging infrastructure and a commitment to delivering a high level of service to utility customers requires a renewed commitment to Capital Improvement Planning. Many utilities are facing increased costs of operations and declining revenue due to an emphasis on water conservation, and water efficient fixtures and appliances. A key component of a Capital Improvement Plan includes the development of an Asset Management Program that provides a comprehensive list of assets and their condition. Assets are real tangibles and resources including any pipe, building, road, bridge, tool, piece of equipment, machinery or miscellaneous appurtenance used in the operation of a utility or public works department. Managing assets ensures that a system gets the most value from each of its assets and helps to make sure that you have the financial resources to rehabilitate and replace them when necessary.

Using the right asset for the job means trusting a professional who is certified in asset management and has years of experience in managing capital improvement projects. At Nussbaumer, our staff includes team members who are certified in Check Up Program for Small Systems (CUPSS) and have experience managing Capital Improvement Plans from an end user perspective.

Services include:

  • Asset data collection.
  • Facility condition assessment.
  • Development of Asset Management Program.
  • Preparation of Capital Improvement Plan.

Potential benefits:

  • Locate and identify system assets.
  • Determine system vulnerabilities and risks.
  • Improved budgeting and operations efficiency.
  • Assess critical infrastructure needs and replacement planning.