Since 1933, our residential survey group has been the public face of Nussbaumer. Our current record library includes surveys performed by our own technicians as well as the records acquired from former area land surveying firms including Robert Niederpruem Land Surveying, James Shisler Land Surveying, Graf Land Surveyors, George Diehl, and, dating back to our oldest record (June 21, 1852), C.F. Witmer and C.E. Our library has well over 150,000 records, which is why we consider ourselves the leading provider of real estate title surveys in Western New York.

Reasons for having a survey done:

  • You’re in the process of buying or selling property.
  • Boundary line dispute with a neighbor.
  • You need a building permit for an addition, garage, deck, pool, fence, etc.
  • You need a survey to show a recent addition or new building.
  • You need a foundation located for a newly built home.

Having a land survey done prior to a real estate closing transaction is for more than your mortgage. It shows locations of buildings, driveways, fences and walls. This includes neighbor’s buildings, driveways, fences and walls which could encroach onto your property. Look over your survey before your closing, and ask questions if something does not make sense.